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Catch up on my works in progress.

O’Rourke’s Menage Series

Two Irish Brothers (Book 1)

Danielle goes to Killarney Ireland planning to get to know the two men her mother claims are her potential bio-daddies: Padraig and Michael O’Rourke. She doesn’t plan on lusting after their two adopted sons: Cullen and Liam. Cullen O’Rourke is the professor who’s fueled her erotic fantasies for the past four years. His brother Liam becomes a guest star in those fantasies. Every moment she spends alone with either one of them leads to their hands and mouths bringing her to explosive orgasms.

Two Irish Daddies (Book 2)

Janet Freeman goes to Killarney to participate in her daughter’s commitment ceremony. Not get pulled back into Padraig and Michael O’Rourke’s bed. Padraig wants to pick up where they left off and make up for lost time with hot holiday sex. Michael isn’t so eager to have Janet leave them high and dry again. After several heated encounters the three of them try to figure out how to make their bi-continental relationship work.

Two Irish Best Mates (Book 3)

Sorcha O’Rourke leave France with broken dreams and a broken heart, and returns to her home in Killarney. She’s happy to see her fathers and brothers found someone to spend their lives with but isn’t looking for a similar situation. Especially not with Dillon Murphey and Braiden Bucannon. They are her brothers’ best mates and off limits. They shared a hot, passionate night together before her fathers’ commitment ceremony with Danielle’s mother, and they refuse to let her forget it.